Disinfection Services

Infectious diseases are no joke and are highly contagious and easily passed from person to person. Infectious diseases are any types of bacteria, virus, or organisms that if another person comes in contact with, ingests, or inhales will cause them harm or in some cases death.

Bacteria and virus’s are invisible and very difficult to decontaminate. When a family member or co-worker has an infectious disease it is imperative that any room and items they have touched or used are properly decontaminated by a bio-hazard cleanup company that is licensed and experienced to conduct such work. Not doing so exposes everyone who enters that environment to the disease.

Entrant Cleaning Service professional bio-hazard technicians use proprietary chemicals and techniques designed to decontaminate and kill infectious diseases on both surfaces and in the air.

If you or anyone you know have been diagnosed with an infectious disease, so we can provide our expertise in the remediation and eradication services to decontaminate your facility. To ensure the health and safety of others resulting from any of the following diseases, contact us today.

Cleanup is covered by most Home Owners Insurance Policies