Bio-hazard Clean Up

Crime is unexpected and often results in traumatic injuries that leave behind blood and other bio-hazards. Family members, property managers and business owners are faced with the daunting task of cleaning up after the traumatic event. Quickly having the scene cleaned helps the surviving family members move forward and business owners safely reopen for business.

Aside from the emotional and financial impact of the event, the property owner must get the scene cleaned up quickly and professionally to mitigate future health risks. Not wanting any additional attention, the cleanup must be done quickly and with extreme discretion, respect, and understanding.

We disinfect, clean and remove all bio-hazards that are present. Cleanup is needed from top to bottom; ceiling, walls, furniture, personal items and even light fixtures. Each tiny spot and square inch in a room that is exposed to bio-hazards is considered a potential source of infection and must be properly cleaned.

Our bio-hazard technicians will clean, scrub, disinfect and properly dispose of all bio-hazards resulting from the crime scene.

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